MERLIN – All In One Computed Mobile Studio

While the "Alchemist" is still a design study finally an even more compact version of Michael Cretu's "all in one computed mobile studio" vision can be presented: MERLIN - the new recording studio of Enigma's mastermind. "Merlin is not only a mobile studio, it fits perfectly to the way I am usually working. It can be seen at the intersection between playing, recording and mixing." Michael Cretu says.

Similar to the Alchemist, Merlin combines the four key parameters of recording in one box: a computed recording environment, a modular hardware concept, a control surface and a surround monitoring system.

Computed Recording Environment

Merlin is a high-quality computer-based environment. Standard features include the latest versions of the sequencers Logic Pro and Native Instruments Bundles. It is, of course, possible to create customized solutions or to install additional recording software and hardware.

Modular Hardware Concept

The standard configuration of Merlin includes basic hardware components that can be expanded and upgraded to meet the requirements of the user.

Based on a state-of-the-art Mac computer which delivers optimal processing power, all signals from synthesizers and interfaces are fed into Friend-Ship Digitalmatrix, where they are processed and then supplied to a RTW Surround Module. A Basemanagement system then translates the signals for the surround monitoring system.

Control Surface

The control surface is based on Euphonix MC Control (middle) and MC Mix (right) enhanced with a custom-designed panel on the left.

This section features a program changer that facilitate access to and processing of certain parameters. It complements a modified surround control unit (supporting 7.1 surround) combined with a high-quality realtime-analyzer. Merlin comes with a master keyboard with 88 half weighted keys.

Surround Monitoring Sytem

Merlin features one monitoring control unit which offers broad range of production possibilities from stereo production up to surround sound formats (5.1, 6.1 und 7.1).

The central control unit for sound monitoring is the Basemanagement device that controls the customized monitors ADAM 6.5 AMC. Based on this system we can also supply small-scale and compact solutions.