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One month before the 20th anniversary, “The Platinum Collection” of ENIGMA is a look back on one of the most successful musical projects of the last years. With over 50 million records sold worldwide, more than 100 platinum and gold awards and over 50 #1 chart positions, mastermind Michael Cretu takes stock with a 3CD-Box set release.

To accompany the compilation of seventeen selected tracks of ENIGMA’s “Greatest Hits”, and “Remix Collection” of eleven tracks is a 3rd CD called “The Lost Ones” which delivers a never before allowed insight into the creative sound laboratory of ENIGMA.

"The Platinum Collection is a combination of all so-called hits, remixes and the "Lost Ones". My intention is to explain the concept behind them in particular: Whenever I create music, it starts with trial and error. Sometimes it’s a sound, then a melody, a harmony or a mood. The "Lost Ones" are my way of instrumental drafts developed from a boiling cauldron full of unordered, naive und carefree musical ideas.

I always said that music is a big part in my life. Victor Hugo ones said: "Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot be remain still." There are millions of ideas, thousands of drafts, hundreds of songs … and probably countless of them get lost. Now it is the time to bring some of them back to life and share them with the rest of the world. Not because they are brilliant or because they are just cut-outs, it is because they are simply the innocent, naive or carefree way of expressing an idea which one day might become something powerful like a popular song. Never stop having ideas!"

Produced by Michael Cretu

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