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We kindly ask for your understanding that we cannot forward any e-mails to Michael Cretu personally.

Any request related to right clearance should be sent to EMI Music (until March 31, 2013) and to Universal Music Germany respectively (from April 1, 2013) regarding ENIGMA's master rights, as well as to Sony ATV Germany regarding its publishing rights.

We also ask you to consider that ENIGMA is currently not interested in touring or performing live. However, we still welcome ideas that are special and different (we leave it up to you to judge on whether your request can be considered as such).

If you want us to listen to your demos, please use the contact form and post a link to your sond in the dedicated text field. Do not attach demos to regular emails. We will host listening conferences with Michael Cretu on a regular basis. Due to the high volume of demos sent in, we will unfortunately not be able to respond to every submission, but to those only that are of particular interest to Michael. We kindly ask for your understanding.

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