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1: Fan Site81%

... based fan website about Michael Cretu's projects. The official Enigma website of EMI Germany featuring the latest release. A German fan website about Michael Cretu and his musical projects. The most ... The biggest Spanish fan website about Enigma. Enigmatic A French fan website about Enigma's


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1: New single "The Same Parents" digitally released100%

New single "The Same Parents" digitally released , , After the first double single "La Puerta Del Cielo / Seven Lives" the new single "The Same Parents" has been released digitally."There is a simple, but impressive story behind this song", says Michael Cretu. ... On the 28th of November 2008 a new DVD of the seventh album "Seven Lives Many Faces" has been

2: Enigma's "Platinum Collection" to be released in t...100%

Enigma's "Platinum Collection" to be released in the UK , , Founded in by Michael Cretu in 1990, and with over 50 million records sold worldwide, and more than 100 platinum and gold awards ... for club play. CD3 - The Lost Ones – will be of particular interest to Enigma fans as it offers a 36 minute voyage through eleven previously un

3: Enigma released final “MMX (The Social Song)”100%

Enigma released final “MMX (The Social Song)” , , 20 years after the first release "MCMXC a.D.", sales of more than 50 million records and 60 #1 chart positions worldwide, Enigma is back with an interactive anniversary celebration: On December 15, 2010 the musical project has released the single "MMX (The Social Song)" created together with fans through their three months ...

4: "The Platinum Collection" to be released in Novemb...100%

"The Platinum Collection" to be released in November , , One month before the 20th anniversary, “The Platinum Collection” of ENIGMA ... and over 50 #1 chart positions, mastermind Michael Cretu takes stock with a 3CD-Box set release.To accompany the compilation of seventeen selected tracks of ENIGMA’s “Greatest Hits”, and ... mix of well-known worldwide hits and musical drafts collected over the last few years will be


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1: EPK - Enigma Releases100%

EPK - Enigma Releases , ,

2: A Posteriori - Private Lounge Remix67%

... - Private Lounge Remix , , Coinciding with the release of Enigma’s sixth studio album „A Posteriori“, the “Private Lounge Remix” album was released via i-tunes. Evocative, haunting and inspiring, Enigma’s first digital release features 12 exclusive remixes by Tocadisco, Boca ... Michael Cretu.The following Enigma albums have been

3: The Remix Collection64%

... on his musical expedition, “Love Sensuality Devotion” - a greatest hits compilation - was released in 2001.However this all-embracing, comprehensive work of art would not be complete if there ... Even though it is irritating it is still a compliment”.To date seven Enigma albums have been released: “MCMXC a.D.”, “The Cross Of Changes”, “Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!”, “The Screen Behind ...

4: MCMXC a.D.64%

... a.D.: The Complete Album DVD" is a re-issue of the classic ENIGMA longform video „MCMXC a.D.“ released in 1990. The bonus features include full-length videos of the four singles as well as the ... also the milestones of a historical chapter in music.The following Engima albums have been released to date: “MCMXC a.D.”, “The Cross Of Changes”, “Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!”, “The Screen ...


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1: Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!81%

... Cretu) But nothing changes And still there are changes Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! With the release of "Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!", the groundbreaking musical project known as ENIGMA now ... WHY?". Who can teach anything new He can just help us to remember The things we always knew Released in December 1990, ENIGMA 1 immediately captivated fans and critics worldwide with its ...

2: The Screen Behind The Mirror 77%

... any trend from the very beginning. It originated like a UFO, landed like a UFO and still is a UFO today.“ (Michael Cretu) Ten years after the release of the stellar debut, the three Enigma albums released to date have sold in excess of 22 million units around the world, but the success of the musical project is still an enigma shrouded in ...

3: The Cross Of Changes74%

... “The Cross Of Changes” is an autobiographical piece of work picking up on what Michael experienced in the three years that had lapsed since the release and incredible success of “MCMXC a.D.”. “The Cross Of Changes” is the next important step of Enigma’s continuing musical evolution including ...

4: Seven Lives Many Faces73%

... learn from it.«  In mathematical terms, ENIGMA came of age in 2008: Michael Cretu is set to release »Seven Lives Many Faces«, the seventh album in his music project, almost 18 years to the day ... old and one of the few to be proficient in this old vocal culture.« An amazing voice which releases unexpected emotions in the island’s Catalan dialect. But Cretu has remained true to his ... I discovered new ways of creating my music. There are still a few ENIGMA albums waiting to be


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1: Sadeness81%

... This incidental occurrence gave one of the reasons to "Sadeness" - and not at least to the name of the song itself.After "Sadeness" was released, even today - although it is 18 years ago - there has been no faster No.1 in the history of the German music business, and you have to ...