Michael Cretu announces final video contributors

Almost a week after closing Enigma's latest video contest, Michael Cretu officially announces who made it in the final music video for our "MMX (The Social Song)".

According to our game plan we want to create a "social" video, which is why we set up a video contest that does not feature one winner, but several contributors. In the last days Michael personally reviewed all the submitted video creations and selected four different submissions. And these are the lucky ones (check out the video above) ...

Congratulations to all selected contributors! You will be the ones representing all the Enigma fans and participants of our "Social Song"!

As Michael said two things have been important for our decision: We want to deliver a high quality video for Enigma and on the same time continue with our social approach. To choose a main video and to pick some supporting video scenes turned out to be a perfect way to meet those objectives. The "Social Song" already features a main vocalist supported by three additional voices, which is why we decided to follow the same approach for the video creation process. And here again are our contributors:


In the next days we will compile the different videos selected. For that reason we have asked Aristides Moreno (Steadycamline) for his help. He came up with a perfect story in the spirit of this event and he has the technical skills to meet our quality standards. So, please be patient for the final result! We are absolutely sure it will be a great piece of art!

P.S. We would kindly ask those that have been selected to drop us a short email at web(a)enigmaspace.com ... We need to discuss some technical issues. Thank you!

08.03.11, 14:04

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