Enigma’s final “Social Song” video: Next steps

On Friday we finally closed Enigma's latest video contest. We have received lots of interesting footage! Thank you very much to everyone who participated! It's now our turn to come up with an official music video for our "MMX (The Social Song)". And here is the idea:

We want to create one official video out of several sequences from different videos sent in from people all over the world. There will be no winners or losers, but contributors to a joint video!

The general idea of this event is supposed to be a social, interactive and collaborative venture for and with fans - and as such we want to continue the video creation process with. And this is what happens next:

  • Since a few days the video upload function has been disabled. We will now start reviewing every submission that has been officially approved and that is listed in our Video Gallery. The evaluation process might take some time.
  • After that we'll come up with a list of those that made it into the final cut. Michael Cretu personally will select his most favorite sequences - and we know he has done a good job for Enigma's previous videos.
  • If necessary, we'll ask those that are selected to re-send their material in real HD quality. We want to create a video of highest technical standards.
  • Then it's time to compile those different sequences in order to come up with one final cut. Even though we don't want to give an exact date, we'll obviously try to be as fast as possible.
  • Finally, we'll release the official music video for our "Social Song" made by fans.


As always we want to involve you as much as possible. So, there will be constant updates on what we are doing. Please stay tuned on our Social Network channels at Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or Ping. In the meanwhile feel free to play around with Enigma's new "Social Video" App on Facebook and spread the idea of our "Social Song" on the web! Share some joy with the world!

28.02.11, 15:15

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