A "Social Song" Making Of

Enigma’s “Social Song” is over and we are looking back on a great event. It has been something very special for us, which would have never been that outstanding without our fans worldwide. You have been the heart of the “social” idea behind…

And this is why we want to share some of those moments in a final MAKING OF video. Thanks to the help of Aristides Moreno, who has been the director of the official “MMX (The Social Song)” music video, we are happy to share a 30 min. long documentary giving some impressions about the story behind the event… You’ll see people who contributed, cut offs, interviews and much more. Have a look and enjoy!

03.06.11, 15:29

Enigma, The big contemporary music propousal, love your music. Need more from you guys. thanks and keep going.
A wonderful production and you have found a gem with Fox Lima.
Please, lets have more!
great song , finally the return of a woman voice.
can't wait for your new album.
Amazing track, absolutely love it!! Bring on enigma 8!!!
fantastic song ! great job michael !
Great!! Every time when I hear this song , feel fantastic
Fantastic song, brilliant production, anda great cover.... but WHY, oh WHY, is the download only available in 160kbps??!!! That's the sort of sound quality that's found on old cassette systems.
All Enigma music deserves to be played on high quality audio equipment that maximises the clarity of the tracks. Us lifelong Enigma fans surely deserve a HQ download version too. :)
Can we please have a 320kbps or FLAC version please?
Fantastic,i like it alot