Official video for Enigma's MMX (THE SOCIAL SONG) is out!

After having released Enigma's "MMX (The Social Song)" we are happy to announce the launch of the official music video. Please feel free to enjoy it!

In an interactive 3-month collaboration Michael Cretu created a song together with and for fans. Because of the great success we set up a follow-up event: People had the chance to submit original video footage to visualize the "Social Song". We were looking for Enigma's next video director!

Hundreds of videos have been sent in, all of them have been reviewed, and four of them have been finally selected. Congratulations to Aristides Moreno (Spain), Alise Ketnere (Latvia), Jose Luis Lopez Guillen (Mexico) and Jon Behari (UK) who officially contributed to the final video!

Thank you, Alise Ketnere (alias Fox Lima), from Latvia! You not only sang the vocal part of the chorus, but also sent in yourself dancing and lip synching - a must for our video.

Thank you, Jose Luis Lopez Guillen, from Mexico! Your animation of Enigma's logo reminds us on the basics - without Enigma we wouldn't be here to enjoy our social venture.

Thank you, Jon Behari, from the UK! You submitted some incredible add-on scenes - you supported the global idea of this collaborative song.

And last, but not least thank you, Aristides Moreno, from Spain! You did not only write the story, delivered the main part of the footage, but also brought the different scenes together - you are the official video director!


We are excited about an amazing music video with a "social" story and an "enigmatic" spirit. You are welcome to enjoy and share the video with your friends!

We will now review the "Social Song" event and come back with updates soon. In the meanwhile feel free to stay in touch on our social network channels at Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, iTunes' Ping and YouTube.

19.03.11, 15:27

Such a beautiful song and video. I have been an Enigma music fan for 20 years now. Thank you Michael Cretu for continuing to make beautiful music for the world to enjoy.